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I am a Swiss digital entrepreneur that wants you to live your life to the fullest, awake your confidence and believe in your purpose. Use my wisdom, knowledge and experiences as tools to make yourself shine; I believe my mission is to guide you through a journey of self-love, health, strength and trust, to help you connect with the most glowryus (read: glorious) version of yourself.

If I had known that this quirky food fascinated sports hater chubby young child would with time turn into a passionless and lifeless anorexic only to touch rock bottom and rise to become an international yoga teacher, recipe creator, spiritual junkie and digital entrepreneur…

I am a certified Warm Yoga Teacher who expanded his knowledge with yin, breathing and meditation practices. Self-taught in many fields, I discovered the power of mindfulness through all areas of life, from movements to my relationships with myself and with food. I am just a normal somebody with a complicated story of its own, ready to share its passion for food, yoga and spirituality. Ready to spread the love. Ready to (slightly) influence!

What I want you to know? Everyone’s unique, every body’s different, every organism interact in its particular way with the environment; thus, something that corresponds me might not suit you; and that’s ok. Do not take my words and thoughts for granted; question them, take whatever you love and throw away all the things you do not – this is called consciousness, and eventually, self-love.

Marius in the Press

I am proud of having been featured in one of Switzerland’s most praised “women” magazine - alongside Ruth Ginsburg (being in the same edition is already an achievement for me!) - Femina, in which I offer a quick gaze at what brought me in the world of yoga and nutrition. Do you want me in your paper or at your event ?

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Step into my shoes for a day and learn more about the values of yoga and the reasons that pushed me into such a life-changing practice. Sharing insights on nutrition, bullying, social medias and self-acceptance with LacLac production's team, a group of dedicated and talented young adults. It was a real treat to be followed and filmed for an entire day, and share with incredible human beings.

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I want to make you realize, own and celebrate your enoughness


Hey friends! As you can tell I love sharing witty stories and tips and believe in the power of community building. So make sure to check those other creators cause they are bomb. Can’t wait to see you there!


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