Creative Living: Nadine Ammari – A Green, Organic & Sustainable Beauty Brand Creator

Business woman, fierce human being, talented creator and innovator, gifted mother, loving wife – Nadine seems to have all best hats! I am thrilled to have had the luck to interview her and represent her more than incredible natural beauty brand. From her best business tips to spiritual and beauty advice, as well as personal insights and stories, she’s revealing everything to us today! Enjoy the read…

Good Morning! First things first, what’s your name?

My Name is Nadine Ammari.

So Nadine, what do you do & where do you live?

After working as a holistic aesthetician in my green beauty concept store & spa in the very heart of Zürich for many years, in late 2016 I launched with my own luxury organic beauty line Namari Skin, right before the birth of my son. Just a few months ago my husband quit his job and we are now running the business together, sharing work and childcare equally.

Since two years we live in the countryside of Zürich, Switzerland, enjoying the green and calm environment with our two-year-old. Both my husband and I have roots in southern countries and feel most comfortable in warm climates, so at the moment we are looking for the perfect mediterranean place to settle down before our son starts school.

I was raised by a single hippie mom, part time living in communes, sharing a big farm house with like-minded people.

What were you doing before creating your own green beauty brand if I may ask?

I was originally working as a child nurse for 8 years before putting my dream (and barely escaping a burnout) of working in the green beauty industry into practice. Back then, this market was very little in Switzerland and it was a big and scaring step. But looking at my history it was no wonder I did not fit into the role of a nurse in a conventional medical surrounding so this tremendous change was exactly the right thing to do.

Why sustainable, organic and green? Or do you have better words to define the focus of Namari Skin?

I think a lot of my passion for everything that respects and honours our precious nature (that is what living sustainable and “green” is all about for me) comes from my childhood. I was raised by a single hippie mom, part time living in communes, sharing a big farm house with like-minded people. We used to make fires in the garden until late night while listening to shaman music, I was mainly dressed in second hand clothes, had my first Reiki attunement at the age of 9 and we spent most of our holidays camping in the woods. Aches and pains have been cured with herbal remedies and the only doctor I ever had was a homeopathic one. Which led to the fact that I always had a strong connection to mother earth. The trust in the healing forces of plants is something that I was literally born with. As for Namari Skin (and the rest of my business) it is not only about supporting people to go clean and healthy when it comes to skin care, it is also about sharing my connection to nature and my feelings regarding all her creations and creatures. And most important, it is about strengthening people’s own connection to themselves and their heart. Because this is where all the love, respect and gratitude come from that makes people conscious and caring for how we treat ourselves, each other and our precious planet. In shorter words: I just care about a lot more things than skin, although skin is my main obsession.

How did the idea come to you?

When working as a holistic aesthetician, I came across a lot of very beautiful designed and well performing products but there has never been the one line that suited my skin (or standards – I only work with vegan products) perfectly without any ifs and buts. We also needed to find a solution on how to combine work and parenthood in a way that allowed us to take care of our baby within the family. I eventually launched my own product line, basing on the formulations and ingredients that I was using already for myself and some clients while step by step giving up the brick and mortar business and personal services.

I used to get a lot of my inspirations – not only product wise but also in terms of visual appearance - from the health food industry and from ancient herbal remedies that I know since childhood.

I am interested to know more about your creative process? How did you start? Where did the creation happen? Where did you find your product?

I did – and always do – start by researching ingredients that address a specific skin concern/meet specific needs that I can’t cover with my already existing products. I choose ingredients that are available in the highest possible quality, that are whenever possible (which is the case for 98% of our ingredients) from organic farming or wild harvest, fair and sustainable sourced. Once I come across an ingredient that theoretically meets my expectation and my gut says yes to it (I work a lot with just listening to and trusting my gut!) I start developing a product by combining different ingredients while at the same time working on a one of a kind scent experience. Offering not only special textures but also amazing scents is part of my signature. Once I seriously start developing a product I become unstoppable. For weeks, maybe months I can’t stop thinking about (and playing with) ingredient combinations, scents, textures, colours and even names and texts. It’s like having “creative boosts” that come from somewhere I can’t really explain and it always feels like something magical and uncontrollable that just happens to me rather than “I’m doing it”.

Where does the inspiration come from?

I used to get a lot of my inspirations – not only product wise but also in terms of visual appearance – from the health food industry and from ancient herbal remedies that I know since childhood. Our packaging and some of the products are also inspired by art, like gold leaf and watercolour paintings.

Lately I also feel very inspired by Mediterranean life and everything sunny, beachy and boho/spiritual but it seemed difficult to incorporate theses aspects in our existing concept. During our last stay in Ibiza I realized that I am captured in a self-made prison of beliefs on how we have to appear as a brand to reflect our origin and the price segment in which we operate. Since Switzerland is the total contrary of these “alternative” things I was struggling a lot with how to fit it all together in one big, harmonious picture without losing the “swissness” in our story. It was a real mindf**** that was going on but I think I am finally able to let go of these narrowing beliefs.

I know being its own boss and running its own company is quite challenging, especially if you have to couple it with being a mum! How do you ground yourself or find yourself?Read more

Namari Skin - Fall in love with this organic, Swiss made & cosmic Natural Beauty Brand

My skin has always been a sensitive subject, for I’ve suffered from mild to severe acne and always had some redness due to the weather, temperatures and quality of the air I was living in. Those that learnt how not to regard nor give importance to their daily imperfections, spots and reddish skin will understand – it is tough sometimes. Especially in a society that wants us to embody some kind of epitomised figure of perfection, that’s almost giving more legitimacy to the flawless ones, infusing our daily interactions with expectations. With a beautician mother, I swear we’ve tried almost everything and as frustrating as it can be, I guess time is our best friend and “waiting” is a required part of the process. But it does not mean we are left powerless…cause I’ve never felt more empowered than when using Namari Skin’s products!

Thanks to my friends at @ecolabo (check out their Instagram and website – a treasure when it comes to sustainable and eco-friendly living) I’ve discovered the following brand: Namari Skin. It is not your simple organic, sustainable, Swiss made and natural beauty brand – it offers a genuine cosmic experience with scents and perfumes you’d want to bathe in, proposing morning and evening rituals while pushing you to create your own and bringing healthy and sustainable beauty to a brand new level. This olfactory experience is brought to its ultimate best by the minimalist and elegant black packaging, marked with her emblematic feather, that I absolutely love.

Those products have been life changers when it came to the quality and look of my skin. I feel like I can finally – slowly but finally – fight those acne bacterias I still have within my skin cells with quality products whose scents are just out of this world. I’ve never ever felt that for other products before and am so glad to have them on my bathroom shelves. And so many of my students got seduced too…

Skin care which is not just about correcting flaws without regard for losses, but is part of the greater good.

Nadine Ammari, the founder, creator and fabulously talented soul behind Namari Skin, says it herself: “Skin care which is not just about correcting flaws without regard for losses, but is part of the greater good. Skin care that takes place in the constructive exchange with human, animal and nature and which interacts with body and spirit” (taken from Her brand celebrates your skin in its purest form, making self-care a sensual and loving holistic experience.

Those traits highlighted here are just manifestations of resistance in our lives – ways to protect ourselves from life instead of trusting the Universe, its love and protection.

They not only offer an online shop but also skin consultations, a real SPA experience in Zürich as well as a cosmetic and overall wellness shop Qosms of Namari ( Here’s a quick overview of the products I am using daily and why I absolutely love them (+ some of the ingredients for you to see how natural they are!).

Scents that will bring you on a sensory journey across a million valleys, mountains and oceans.


Nadine says it’s a “poem in a jar”, well no doubt that if it could talk, it would most certainly refers to itself as the QUEEN! This delicately smooth pale pink butter melts into your palm to protect, sooth and nourish your skin in depths while providing an exotic aromatic experience. Want a glowing and healthy complexion?! Look no further! I am using it daily and my skin’s never liked anything more before.

- TAU -

This is my personal favourite and the one that pushed me into Namari Skin’s universe. “Like a meadow dew on a dawning day, its concentrated plant extracts and aromatic herbal oils infuse the cells with protecting antioxidants and create the experience of a blossoming spring garden”. I don’t think I need to add anything else to this, except that I am using day and night, every day, to seal in hydration, fix make-up or a refreshing pick me up!


A liquid gold serum whose smell will bring you on a sensory journey across a million valleys, mountains and oceans, containing ingredients like turmeric vanilla up to prickly pear seed oil. “A beauty gem for a radiant and silky smooth complexion” and the most perfect oil to sooth a skin in winter, bring it warmth and provide it with vital nutrients. I always massage my students’ faces with it at the end of our classes and they all ADORE it.


A magical power as they say, which is a mix of Moroccan Rhassoul clay, ground hibiscus blossoms, genuine silver and micro-algae. It boosts circulation and eliminate impurities only to rejuvenate our skin. A gentle resurfacing and detoxification of the skin that takes a vital place in my Sunday Skincare Ritual (based on what’s recommended on Namari’s website).


Her last creation, an essence of perfume that literally is a cosmic experience on its own. A fresh crystal roll infusing my skin with aromatic beauty every night is the most perfect start of a night full of mystical dreams. AND IT STAYS ON YOUR SKIN FOREVER! In love with it, I highly recommend it for all you delicate souls out there…

Christmas Special: As Namari Brand Ambassador, I am super proud to announce they are gifting a 10 ml discovery & travel size of ELIXIER with every order from CHF 150 – simply add “GLOWRYUS” to the comments at the checkout*​

*Valid until Dec. 24th, 2018 as long as our stock lasts. Exclusively available via