What’s the Universe and what’s the secret to attracting everything you want!

I am almost sure this is not the first time you are reading the word “Universe” on the Internet. I am not going to explain why this concept has taken us all by storm or how life changing believing in its power would be for you. No. What I want to do with you today is try to explain what it is and how to understand it in a capitalist society that is always asking more of yourself. Efficiency. Tirelessness. Strength. And so on…

Put simply, the Universe is the energy of love, an energy that is within us and round us, an energy that connects us all together and empower us. It is a magnitude, a presence, that we feel within ourselves and that helps us in the achievement of our purpose. You do realise you have a mission on this Earth? Well the Universe it the energy that helps you carry on this mission, this purpose, with love and compassion.

You might have experience synchronicity at some point in your life, right? Not a mere coincidence, no. Not if it comes round when you actually think about, or if it shows up repeatedly in your life. There is a meaning in those “events”. A Course in Miracles says “You need not do anything. You don’t need to work miracles or make anything happen. You merely align with your true love nature and allow your eyes to see what you desire.” There you have it – miracles are a habit, and the habit of simply being in presence of love and joy, releasing the pressure and surrender is what aligns us with the Universe. It is the Universe.

The Universe is the energy of love, an energy that is within us and round us, an energy that connects us all together.

Attract everything that you wants...

There are multiple ways we try to control our lives and when we are what we sometimes call “control freaks”, well, we are usually the ones that deny it the most.

Consider those bullet points. If you could tick most of them, you might want to read what’s next…

1. Planning everything thoroughly, not letting space for the unexpected
2. Trying to fix things and people, instead of embracing who/how they are
3. Controlling to such extents that you’re starting to develop addictive patterns – food, alcohol, work, self-destructive actions just to name a few – to avoid the main situation
4. Chronic stress, denying ourselves from joy, seclusion, physical conditions, etc.
5. Praying for outcomes when you should be praying for the highest good for all
6. Being so committed to a goal that you’re ready to destroy your way there in order to achieve it

Those traits highlighted here are just manifestations of resistance in our lives – ways to protect ourselves from life instead of trusting the Universe, its love and protection.

There is something we hardly touch on
in daily conversations and introspections. Resistance.

The fact we all resist happiness, freedom, love and support from the Universe.

This resistance explains why we are stuck in patterns that do not bring us joy and evolution; it keeps us from thriving.

The secret is simple: the absence of resistance will turn you into an attractor of what’s great. Your energy will become an attractor for greatness, cause it sends a signal out into the Universe that you’re ready to manifest this love and positive energy. Your energy is aligning with the energies of joy and love, giving away a message of readiness.

Accept this state of being, whatever that may be. Embrace the difficulties, the challenges, the barriers, but do not let yourself get overwhelmed by them. Once that’s done, you’ll see that old wounds and issues will start to disappear, problems and obstacles vanishing from your great path.

Why? Because resistance comes from judgements and expectations we have about ourselves. Through acceptance and the realisation that we are greater than what holds us back, we heal judgment and let go of resistance. You’re just accepting who you are – you are showing love to yourself, which is the greatest present you can make to yourself. Life becomes fun, it flows. The vibration of love is so strong that it can change how you view the world, your life and others, just as well as your entire living experience.

Why do we resist love ?

Marianne Williamson wrote in A Return To Love “It is our light, not our darkness, that most frighten us”. And this has never been more true that today.

We resist love cause we have an ego, which is the complete opposite – it is fear, judgment, separation and anxiety. We are socially and culturally educated to rely on this ego as a source of safety and protection against a world of disappointment, suffering; we are afraid to hurt.

We are afraid to express our light because we live in a society where it is considered “better” and “safer” to keep our true self within, to lock our emotions in, to internalise. Well, the good thing is that this is changing. And you want to be part of the change. How could I protect myself if I rely on love, on the Universe, on something out there than I cannot grasp?

What we resist will persist darlings – you do have a choice to release resistance, cause releasing requires healing, learning and transforming; you have to be willing to look at your patterns without judgment, surrender to the love of the Universe.

Are you ready? Let’s release resistance together through those easy steps.

Accept and Acknowledge your resistance

We have to recognise our resistance, acknowledge it, because we cannot possible release something we do not consider present and active. There’s a duplicity in our brains – between peace that wants you to release and ego that pushes you into judgment and control. If we accept we are addicted to fear, it will release us from the detours it urges us to take on our spiritual path. We can start forgiving ourselves from holding on to old patterns. It’s a continuous job, and you’ll just need to show love, kindness and acceptance to yourself quickly and repeatedly.

Surrender to spiritual guidance

We are programmed, from childhood on, to believe in the fear of the world, to act on a survival base – this way, we block harm but also resist love by trying to control our lives as much as we can. All this trying to make something happen, all this control and manipulation is actually creating resistance from your intuitive voice, your connection to this power far greater than yourself. It is in the absence of that resistance that we remember the truth of who we are, that we realign and that we reconnect to the Universe, the energy of love.

A simple mantra you could repeat yourself to help in your surrender process:

I surrender my plans and goals to the Universe. I know that the Universe has my back, I accept spiritual guidance, I know that there is a plan far greater than mince. I step back and let the energy of love to flow in.

Let go of judgment

This is our strongest weapon. We believe it helps us protect our vulnerability and the essence of our existence. We fear that if we let our guard down, we’ll be under attack from all fronts; we fear that if we start loving and act upon it, we’ll be taken advantage of. But this judgment, of yourself and of others, actually separates you even more from the energy of love.

Love can actually look much more terrifying to us that fear. Cause we believe love opens the gate to suffering, emotions, unfulfilled expectations, etc. We feel like love is uncertain, that love is susceptible to more pain. But this is wrong. Act with love and it will resonate round you. Love is the antidote to judgment and to fear.

Choose joy and love instead of fear

This is simple. The more joyous we are the more light we shine upon this world and the people round us. You’ll see that as soon as you resonate with love and acceptance, people will not doubt your power anymore, they’ll feel good round you, empowered to shine their own positive energy through.

Joy is such a high frequency that it gives us and the people round us the energy to show up for our dreams, to serve our purpose with grace and love. Joy is a creative energy, joy is inspirational, joy is a release system. Welcome worthiness, acceptance and know that you are entitled to feeling good too. Pain, struggle, sweat are not requirements when it comes to success or a meaningful life.

10 Qualities of Successfully Happy People (+ Tips to develop them)

There are so many different definitions of success, at least as many humans there are on this planet. However, the one that is well-spread the most certainly involves earning money in order to survive. And yet what does it mean to survive? What is the point of living a life you have to survive in? It is quite normal for a person to be unhappy, stressed, anxious & even a little depressed when having to survive! I know that this aching definition and fixity actually comes from our society’s evolution and is now embedded into what seems to be a very tricky web.

Let’s start off all together, by picturing life as a vehicle for blooming and thriving, and with “success” being synonymous of joy, abundance and happiness.

Before reading those lines, I really want you to understand that I am not claiming to have the keys for fabulous success and genuine happiness. After the deep introspection I made for myself as well as analysing people around me, I just want to share with you all the things that seems essential to cultivate to be fulfilled and that I feel like being crucial for others as well…

Therefore, successfully happy people…

See the glass half full and certainly not half empty.

The first key to one’s success and probably the easiest one to obtain is seeing things that one has instead of focusing her attention on what one does not have. That seems a bit odd to say but it truly is magical. Acknowledging that what one’s doing is great, that one has given her best, that there’s nothing to master/do/find/achieve but our personal definition of happiness.

If you ever feel that you’re focusing on the lack, take a step back and rethink the situation. Set your mind on what you have at that point. Your goal is not as important as the process of it – cause there’s no such thing as a mistake but only ways to learn more about ourselves. Focusing on the process and all the life lessons one may gather on the way is at the core of your success. At the end of the day, it will make the difference in your rush to success.

Are always positive, no matter what they’re enduring.

The more you practice the more you’ll realise it to be almost impossible to focus on our day-to-day lives, problems, stressful situations as well as trying to keep our mind steady and focused on the poses. And this is what we want. Staying in a long, hard and very demanding position or on the contrary flowing through the postures, trying to follow instructions, breathe and focus – all at the same time – will help you in facing a whole range of difficult situations.

What I’ve learnt from my illness and what I am successfully applying in a day-to-day basis is to see bad things from the bright side. There’s nothing like taking the best out of sadness or not being crushed after being disappointed. It is hard to consider a seemingly negative situation with a positive mindset – but you’ll learn and function automatically through repetition. It is very hard to stay positive in a world that is full of dreadful events, unhappy and anxious people, and frightening projection of our future world; but I promise you that by taking a step back, lightening up from the inside and brightening the earth with your small but radiant inner light, you will make a difference. Smile is contagious, and so is happiness.

Are open-minded, eager to learn & motivated.

Successful people are open to new ideas; they listen, take inspiration from others and cultivate what we could call their “smartness”. These people really listen to others’ points of view and thoughts, even though they seem not to be sharing them in the first place; they know, deep down, that there’s always something to learn from everybody, no matter their political belief, nationality, age, size or gender. They feel joy achieving something but do not do it because they are afraid of the negative consequences of their inaction. In a nutshell, they are moving towards what they really want instead of running away from what they don’t!

I am not sure how what kind of tip I could give you to develop that…if you’re still unsure about this point, the one that comes to my mind is: “Shake yourself up and move, life is short my friend, and be sure that no matter what, the universe has your back!

Are self-confident & aware of their inner beauty.

This is not to be mixed up with being vain or egocentric, not at all. This is rather about being self-aware, knowing one’s passions, flaws, qualities… Having faith in one’s own capabilities and powers. Once you get there, you’ll see that achieving great things and goals that you’re proud is going to be so much easier and rewarding. And if there’s anyone standing in your way or criticising you, it is not going to matter for you to reach that goal. And remember this: it’s good to be a dreamer, but you got to become a doer!

What really helps from a physical and then mental point of view: Before doing anything that might create anxiety within your mind (an exam, a test, teaching, a date, etc.) Standing tall, with your feet hip-distance apart, arms wide open and chest up and bumped, for about two minutes. Long deep breaths through the nose and the abdomen. Stand in your power and embrace yourself fully. You’ll feel strong, resourceful and confident, ready to kick some asses! Meditation and positive affirmations (repeating the same sentence every day, long enough for your brain to internalise it).

Take good care of what they eat.

This might actually be one of the easiest as well, it is just the first step that’s hard. Integrating a little health in one’s life is such an easy thing, especially nowadays. Start by cutting off junk food and processed sugars but even more importantly, EAT MORE PLANTS! Vegetables, whole grains, pulses, fruits, natural sugars, nuts…the list is endless and full of so much goodness and colours, it would be hard to resist. And you’ll see the changes directly: no digestion caused fatigue, no guilt after some excesses, a whole lot of energy and so much more. I am not saying that my way of eating will make everyone better off, but successful and happy people do not choose their food by default, but rather because they feel good with it and so does their organisms!

Only look back to see how far they went.

What really is important when willing to create that space for happiness and success to happen in one’s life is not to focus on the past. Once able to let things go and not to have any regret whatsoever, working on the present to influence the future is just going to be a piece of cake. Successful people focus on their creation and not on the things that lead to it.

Try to set your mind on your goal, whether this is a skill you want to develop, or a special project you’ve fancied for a long time, focus all your time, energy and thoughts on it and feel what it’s like to get closer from achieving something that is important to you. And remember to embrace the process on your way up there!

Focus on building strong and everlasting relationships.

Successful people know that by binding to others, they will get stronger and reach another level of happiness. There is a certain harmony in the human development that may only be achieved by creating relationships to others; that makes people not only more powerful, but more confident, open, reliable and sparkling, which will lead others to feel comfortable in their presence. And comfort actually is the key to someone’s trust, which could definitely lead to being successful and happy!

Dare to go out, to events, classes, workshops that you’re interested in. Open yourself to others, dare to talk and ask questions, cause the people in front of you might be in the exact same situation where they want to interact but don’t know where to start! There’s no risk in trying to communicate and create bonds with other people.

Challenge their preconceived notions.

I would add to this that they believe in the power of change. People usually stay in the same posture or keep their job/current situation as it is because they are afraid or do not know what else to do. It is those very same people that usually are unhappy in their job. And indeed someone’s work might not be her passion; therefore, she will create space for creativity and imagination, take time to nourish herself from many other things, fight against our society’s stereotypes and ultimately, if brave, after figuring out what she wanted, start creating it.

Change and instability are frightening yes. But you know you are transforming when things start to get uncomfortable. Step out of this comfort zone we are taught to create for ourselves – you don’t want to live a life of danger but nor of idleness. We, as human beings, have a definite number of breaths we can take in the life – make the most out of them.

Focus their attention on the physical and mental health.

For successful and happy people, health actually is their wealth. As our body is the vehicle for life, the envelope that enables us to enjoy the most beautiful gift of all (that sounds weird, yogic and philosophical but at the end of the day, isn’t true?), it needs to be worshiped and taken good care of. Moreover, no physical or mental limitations are not preventing successfully happy people from evolving; instead, they are taking action to change them and to go beyond, without defining themselves by these. They understand the need to slow down and listen to those vibrations within, this intuition.

It is essential to take care of oneself, one way or another, by incorporating a few healthy rituals for example (taking the stairs instead of the elevator, drinking more water, working out or doing an activity that pleases you everyday or at least three times a week, connecting with yourself or others, etc.)

Believe that abundance is measured from
what one gives and not from what one collects.

Successfully happy people usually love sharing their gifts and talents; they do not want to keep anything for themselves but rather have everyone else happy as well. Whether this is by volunteering, supporting someone you know or a complete stranger, loving people or helping them, sharing truly is the key to inner peace, richness and happiness. Being gentle to others and to ourselves also is a way to evolve and be a better person. Therefore, by cultivating gratitude and sharing our wealth, we will not only feel brighter but also shift our mindset, feeling empowered and clear in our intention.

I strongly believe the first step before sharing is to be grateful for the gifts of life, for all those powers we have but usually take for granted. And then, once we’ve realised how lucky we are, it will also be easier to feel compassion and share our abundance with others.