Reinvented Glorious Granola

This is the very first recipe I created, three years ago, when I was just discovering all the beauties of plantbased nutrition. And it is one of my most liked and famous recipe. Therefore, I wanted to go back to it and bring it a few healthier twists to make it even better! With that mix of nuts bringing healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, all of them being essential for a healthy body and brain, that great amount of fibres brought by the oats and all the healthy sugars in it, you’ll have enough power to kick some asses all day long (well no…just throughout the morning!).

It is one of my most liked and famous recipe.

Why using coconut oil? And what is it? Coconut oil is extracted from the coconut’s dried albumen. It contains saturated fats mostly, a few vitamins and minerals. Even though dieticians have been considering it evil, it’s now taking more and more space on the supermarket stalls. The fats it contains actually are middle chained triglycerides, which are directly metabolised and used as fuel by the body, whereas animal fats are not. They are not stocked in the body, which makes them “good fats”.

It is the most delicious thing on earth,
You might touch the bottom quite quickly!

Anyway, back to our breakfast. It is true that it’s taking some time to prepare, at least more than simply buying it. But I can assure you it is the most delicious thing on earth – the proof is if I make the mistake of leaving the jar wide open next to me…I might touch the bottom quite quickly! But if you keep it organised, you’ll just have to take 15 minutes of your Sundays and will guarantee your breakfast for a week, starting each day starry-eyed!

Reinvented Glorious Granola

Portions: One large jar (round 8 – 9 portions).
Preparation time: 10 minutes.
Cooking time: 15 minutes.


150g of oats
150g of nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, etc.), crushed
40g of ground almonds
25g of pumpkin seeds
25g of sunflower seeds
1 – 2 tbsp of chia seeds
2 tsp of cinnamon (+ a sprinkle of ground cloves)
½ tsp of sea salt
40g of coconut oil, melted
70g of honey, slightly melted
1 heaped tbsp of nut butter
100 – 125g of dried fruits (cranberries, gogi berries, dates, etc.), sliced (optional)
A few pinch of dried flowers (optional)


(1) Start by preheating your oven to 170°C and cover a tray with parchment paper.

(2) Crush all the nuts, and in large mixing bowl, mix them with the oats, ground almonds, seeds, cinnamon and salt. Stir and set aside.

(3) In a bain-marie, melt the coconut oil and honey, until the honey’s still gooey and not too runny.

(4) Pour that sumptuous liquid over your dry ingredients, making sure that everything’s nice and coated.

(5) Spread evenly on the baking tray covered with parchment paper and place in the oven for about 10 to 12 minutes. Take it out, stir it all and spread evenly once more. Place it back in the oven for 3 more minutes, until golden-brown.

(6) Let it cool down before breaking it in small pieces, adding the dried fruits and transferring into a jar. It makes approximately 700g, which is about 8 to 9 portions. Enjoy!


Here are a few flavour pairing you can try if you’d like:

1. Hazelnuts, pecans, dark chocolate (added at the end), cinnamon, gogi berries!
2. Pistachios, almonds, walnuts, dried apricots, dried banana chips!
3. Christmas Version: Gingerbread spices + Orange zest (1/2 tbsp)!
4. Exotic Versison: Ground ginger + Dried pieces of ginger!

Sweet Potato Falafels & Roasted Peppers Quinoa Buddha Bowl

Falafels need to be reinvented, redefined, and remodelled. Even though you may find a few places where they are preparing them in a healthy way, this once healthy food has now become synonym of that greasy junky food people eat because they feel less guilty than eating a burger. Usually eaten in a wrap, I am today offering you another way to enjoy those little balls of happiness: a Buddha Bowl. There is not real definition of what a Buddha Bowl is. What you’ve got to know is that a Buddha Bowl basically is a bowl which you throw a whole lot of goodness in, drizzle some sauce on top and parachute a few seeds or sprouts. Here you are.

I am almost certain you’ll find
something delectable in those

I am not trying to be bold by saying I’ll revolution them. But I am almost certain you’ll find something delectable in those. This amazing recipe transforms the sweet potato in a crispy yet mushy treat, which is not deep fried in very questionable oil but simply baked. It keeps the fat content quite low so that people that are trying to cut on fats a little may still enjoy them. They are super-healthy and you will not even see the difference!

Sweet potatoes have healing properties,
eliminating free radicals from the organism

Just so you know, sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A (with their high beta-carotene content) and vitamin C. They are powerful anti-oxidants (reducing the severity of inflammations – from asthma to arthritis) and even have healing properties, eliminating free radicals from the organism. Free radicals are chemical substances that damage cells and are usually associated with heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and so on. And guess what? Beta-carotene and vitamin C have both been shown to help fighting those conditions. In a nutshell, eat sweet potato!

Spring Equinox Buddha Bowl

Portions: 4 servings
Preparation time: 35 minutes
Cooking time: 45 minutes


For the falafels:

4 to 5 sweet potatoes (around 600g), peeled and cut in small bites
1 tsp of ground cumin
1 tsp of ground coriander
2 tsp of dry basil
1 tsp of cardamom (optional)
Juice of half a lemon
1 clove of garlic, pressed
1 tbsp of tahini
3 tbsp of chickpea flour (or rye/spelt/etc.)
Salt & pepper
Sesame seeds to coat
500g of quinoa + 1 litre of water + a pinch of salt

For the baked peppers:

3 red bell peppers, rinsed
3 tbsp of olive oil + some to drizzle
2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar
½ tbsp of soy sauce
Salt & pepper
A few fresh basil leaves, sliced

For the tahini sauce:

3 tbsp of tahini
Juice of one lemon
2 cloves of garlic, pressed
½ tsp of ground cumin
2 tbsp of olive oil
4 – 7 tbsp of water (depending on how thick you want the sauce

To garnish:

Cherry tomatoes
Onion Sprouts


(1) Preheat your oven to 220°C. Place all the peeled and cut pieces of sweet potato in a large saucepan, cover with water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and let it simmer until tender.

(2) In a large mixing bowl, mash the sweet potatoes. Add the rest of the falafels ingredients, except the sesame seeds. Once nicely mixed, place in the fridge to firm up for about an hour.

(3) Prepare your quinoa: bring the quinoa, water and salt to a boil, reduce the heat and let simmer until all the water has been absorbed. Cover and set aside.

(4) Take the falafel mix out of the fridge, it should be sticky, not wet. Take large spoonfuls of batter and create falafels, rolling them in sesame seeds first and then placing them on a baking tray, covered with parchment paper.

(5) Place them in the oven for about 25 to 35 minutes, depending on whether you like them crispy and on your oven as well. Check them out after 25 minutes though.

(6) While in the oven, prepare the peppers: Slice them in half, core them, and place them on a baking tray, covered with parchment paper. Drizzle some olive oil on top, salt and pepper, and place in the oven (if the falafels are in the middle, these should go beneath) for about 40 to 45 minutes, or until the skin is nice and burnt.

(7) Take the falafels out of the oven and let them cool down. When it’s time for the peppers to come out, either wrap them up in foil or place them in an airtight container for about 20 minutes, so that you can peel them off more easily.

(8) Once peeled, slice them, place in a mixing bowl, add the rest of the ingredients and mix correctly to coat. Set aside.

(9) Lastly, make the tahini sauce: mix all the ingredients together in a small mixing bowl. As easy as that!

(10) Place some quinoa in a bowl, add a few falafels, some peppers, cherry tomatoes, spouts, pomegranate and drizzle some tahini sauce on top. Enjoy!

8 Ingredients Pancakes For Those Who Want A Quick But Delicious Breakfast

I am a breakfast person. And as far as I know, I do not believe there is something trendier than pancakes for breakfast. Even though some other breakfast ideas do attract the spotlights, such as chia puddings, healthy granolas or smoothies, I’ve never seen so many pancakes on my Instagram feed or on the Internet. And the reason is we, food bloggers, are creating healthy versions of them, which do attract people’s attention more and more every day. I’ve been asked multiple times to share a pancake recipe on the blog, and I guess those people’s dreams have come true! (For a non-vegan recipe, you can click here !).

There is nothing else
you would want to wake up to

There is nothing else you would want to wake up to; there is nothing else you would want to pour maple syrup on; there is nothing else you could sacrifice your sanity for. Well, let’s be honest, if you have got someone to prepare them for you, that’s even better. Waking up to those beauties is like discovering a hundred banknote in the side pocket of your favourite jeans. Not only are they fluffy as cotton clouds, but they are sweet and perfectly balanced at the same time, firm and yet very tender. What you could do if you’re running out of time in the morning is preparing them ahead (do not prepare the dough ahead, as it will become way to dense the day after) and simply grab them in the morning.

Food is Energy, Your Body

needs Energy, Your Body Needs Food

I am doing doing all that fuss about breakfast because it actually is the most important meal of the day. Not only is it the time where your body needs to refuel, as it’s been starving and using some energy through the night (because your brain stays active during the night, and even if you’re sleep, it is your entire body which regenerates. And to do that, it uses the rest of power and energy you’ve gather throughout the previous day). To give proper energy to your muscles, cells and entire organism, you need to have a proper breakfast. A good balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, to offer your body all the chances it gets to crush its day! It is in the morning that we create our energy and intention for the day. Changing habits takes time indeed, but when it comes to the body functions, it is even simpler. If you’re not hungry in the morning, start eating even if not hungry or waking up earlier (so that your digestive system wakes up too), and slowly but surely, your body will adapt to this new rhythm; you’ll just need to deeply want it. Keep that in mind folks! 

Buckwheat, Oat and Banana Pancakes

Portions: 2 servings.
Preparation time: 5 minutes.
Cooking time: 15 minutes.


For the pancakes:

100g of buckwheat flour (spelt would work too)
70g of oats
1 tsp of cinnamon
1 tsp of baking soda
2 tsp of psyllium husk (optional)
1 banana, mashed
200ml of plant milk (almond, oat, spelt)
1 – 2 tbsp of maple syrup
Coconut oil to fry

For the toppings:

Frozen or fresh berries
Banana slices
Maple syrup, honey or date syrup
Nut butter
Any type of nuts
Any type of seeds
Dried Fruits (gogi berries, dates, figs)


1) Start by blending the oats until obtaining a very fine flour consistency. Add the buckwheat flour, cinnamon, baking soda and psyllium to the food processor or blender and blend just for a few seconds to mix.

2) In a large mixing bowl, mash the banana, and add the milk and maple syrup. Pour the dry ingredients in and mix correctly. The dough must be shiny and runny (but not too much).

3) Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to a frying pan, and turn on medium heat. Spoon out some dough (one heaped tablespoon each) and form two to three pancakes at the same time. Cook for about 2 minutes on this side, or until bubbles start appearing at the top. Flip them all and cook for one more minutes. Place them on a plate, heat some more oil and start again, until you’re out of dough.

4) Serve immediately, with the toppings of your choice. I personally love some more maple, a few frozen or fresh berries, some nut butter & a few seeds on top. Enjoy!